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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Here's this week's deals at Rite-Aid
Thanks to Margery!

Loreal Hydra Gloss Shampoo and conditioner are BOGO

Combine with a BOGO coupon from 7/33 insert
Final Price: 2 for FREE!! and get two for free.

Lysol Neutra Air sprays are on sale BOGO
Combine with BOGO manufacturer's coupon from 7/13 (I think)
Final Price: 2 for FREE!!

Crest Whitening Expressions toothpaste are free after Single Check Rebate
Combine with $0.50 coupon from 7/6 P&G insert
Final Price FREE + overage (after rebate)

Electrasol (diswashing detergent) is $0.99 after Single Check Rebate
Combined with the $2.25 off coupon that came in the paper this week
Final Price: Free + LOTS of overage (after rebate)
This one is thanks to Angie!

Tip from Margery: If a cashier seems reluctant to give me two free items by combining a BOGO sale with a BOGO MQ, I usually cheerfully explain that I am paying for the one item with the MQ, for which the store gets 100% reimbursed plus a handling fee! This usually works for me, but sometimes the cashiers like to ask the manager, which usually clears up any question.


Angie said...

Don't forget about the Electrasol (diswashing detergent) that is 99cents after SCR (rebate)...combined with a 2.25 off coupon that came in the paper this week.

Laura said...

Thanks for the Margery tip. I tried the BOGO + BOGO at Walgreens and Rite Aid today and was denied at both places. I'll try again with this great explanation.

Beth said...

I got my NeutraAir last night-the cashier checked with the manager and got the "ok". No Hydra Gloss to be found.

BUT-I clearly get different coupons. No Electrasol, my Colgate was $1/2, and no Suave coups either. Boo!

But I LOVELOVELOVE your site, Denise-thanks so much for all your hard work!

Justine said...

I stopped in on Monday and had awesome luck... the Hydra-Gloss were in cardboard displays hanging from an endcap an aisle down from the shampoo!!