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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I finally joined Pay Per Post!

I finally joined Pay Per Post It was a rocky road! I signed up about a month ago and was DENIED!! WHAT!?!

I finally got around to contacting them to find out why a couple of weeks ago. They immediately emailed me and said I had been approved. No explanation. No answer to my question about why I had been denied - just an email that stated my blog was approved. HUH!?

Oh well, so I figure I will scan the Pay Per Post dash board and find some things to post about every now and then that are things I am already posting about that hopefully you will find USEFUL! Just know I won't post anything that I don't agree with or that I don't think you will find helpful in our quest to SAVE money and SCORE THE BEST DEALS.

I have heard that several people have had success with Pay Per Post and have made a little extra money. I hope that this will be one more way I can score a few more dollars to sock towards my debt in my goal to pay it down so I can stay at home with my children - when we have children. Every penny counts!

If you are interested in joining Pay Per Post yourself here's how it works:
Click to sign up and once you've filled out the form, validate your account through your email. Then you will be directed to update your profile, including information about your blog. Pay Per Post must approve your blog. Once they do, take a gander at the lists of "opportunities" (advertising jobs) and start posting. There are all kinds of opportunities and they vary in the amount that you will get paid and how much you have to type, etc.

There are also a number of Pay Per Post "tools" you can add to your blog, including the Pay Per Post referral button (see my right sidebar). You'll make a $15 commission for others signing up with your button!

Another program Pay Per Post offers is "Review My Post" (see the bottom of this post for an example - it is purple). All you do is paste the code in at the bottom of your post and invite other bloggers to write about your post. This will take them to a special sign-up and create a special opportunity so they can get paid to blog about a post on your blog. As soon as they are paid for their post, you get $7.50.

Thanks to Marin for breakin' it down for everyone last week on Makin' Money Moday - if you want to see what Marin has to say about it go HERE.

If you are interested in joining Pay Per Post yourself click the purple box on my right side bar. It will take you straight there and I will make a few bucks! And, maybe you'll make a lot of bucks postin' ! =)

1 Comment:

Mrs. J said...

i have a question. its asking for SSN right so we will obviously be taxed for this. Is it worth it? Also 1 more thing, I already have SSN but I'm not legally allowed to work yet, would I get in trouble for it if I earn from PPP?