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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Get 6 bags of candy and 4 Movie Tickets for $14 Whoppee!!

Sunday’s K-Mart insert advertises free movie ticket coupons for The Dark Knight (the new Batman Movie opening July 18th) when you buy three specially marked Reese’s candy bags (10.5-17.25 oz.) at K-Mart.

The ad price is 3 for $7.00. The fine print states the details and mentions that only 20,000 tickets will be available. So, don’t wait too long! The limit is 4 free tickets per household.

Here is where the deal gets even better!!
The same packages of Reese’s candy that qualify for the Batman tickets are also marked with mega movie bonus points. (The Mega Movie Deal is HERE.)

So here is the bottom line:

Buy 6 packages of Reese’s candy for a total of $14.00.
That purchase will qualify you for 2 free tickets to The Dark Knight.
A Catalina prints out with your purchase which you use to enter the codes online.

Then, redeem those 6 bags with a total of 30 mega movie bonus points for 2 additional free movie tickets!!

So, for $14.00, you can have 4 free movie tickets and 6 bags of candy to enjoy during the movies!

Thanks Emily J!!


Emily D said...

Thanks for posting this Denise! I was so excited to see that it made your blog! So happy to share this deal since you've given us so many! Have fun at the movies!Thanks for all you do!!

Mercedes said...

Sweet deal!! Pun intended!

aj said...

I was so bummed. I went and purchased the 6 bags of Reeses came home to try to get the Mega movie deal but realized that my bags do not have any points on them to send in:( No extra tickets for me. I thought about trying to go back and see if any others do at the store but we already opened 2 bags before I noticed.

emily d said...

That stinks!If I were you, I would go buy 6 more if you could find bags with movie points. Then return the 4 that you haven't opened. That way you would only lose around $4.66 for the 2 bags you opened and have to keep. You would still get 6 bags of candy and 4 movie tickets for 18.66 plus tax. That is still a bargain since movies run around $8 a ticket. You would pay $16 or more for 2 tickets normally. That being said, I understand that sometimes it just isn't worth the time and energy to go back to fix somthing like this. Sorry it didn't work for you!

Melissa said...

Our Kmart did not have any bags with movie points on them. I didn't bother with the deal because I don't really eat candy. It would have been great to get the candy and 4 movie tickets. I did get the Mama Mia Ponds deal but our Target didn't have them and I paid $6.18 a pack at Walmart. I would have paid to see the movie anyway so now I got two tickets and 2 packs of face wipes. OH well, I am just learning the couponing ropes :)

reagan said...

Boy, I should have checked the comments before I headed to KMart. I didn't realize either that I had to look for the bags with movie points. I know they didn't have any. Even the Resee's bag with the Dark Knight advertisement on it didn't have any points. Oh well. KMart is an hour away for me. My kids are very excited about the candy, and my husband and I get to go watch a movie together, alone, maybe!?!