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Thursday, July 3, 2008


Bargain watchin' from a reader!!

I was at CVS today, and up front in the seasonal clearance aisle, they were marking down CVS brand diapers to 75% off. They're in purple packages that say "Ultra-Thins", and I think they were all Jumbo packs. I bought 3, for $2.37 apiece (there are 26 diapers in the size 6s)!!

From Brodi LaRoche

So...Be sure to check your store for possible savings!!


Melissa Tresler said...

I wonder why my store never has any baby items on clearance....sniff sniff. I will be on the lookout though! ;)

Momma2Mia said...

I know at my CVS the baby things never make it to that low of a mark down .. most of the time they usually get wiped out of things at the %50 off stage, so don't feel bad just watch for things to go on clearance .. or on mark downs in geneal .. then keep watching the stock to decide when you have to just get it before it's completely out! That's what I usually do!

Jamie said...

Okay, so I meant to post this two days ago!! My favorite CVS manager here in Alabama called me and told me that he was marking the diapers down to $2.37 a package. He said they are repackaging and the old packaging has to go. I bought 9 packs with two packs of the CVS make-up towelettes. Used 2 CVS skincare coupons, a $4 off $20 coupon (tried to use the $3 off $15 but it wouldn't work and couldn't be pushed through. Oh well!), then I used 7 in ECB's that I thought I could spare. I did REALLY well... spent $13. Got back $5.98 ECB on the towelettes before that deal went dead. Then I earned 3 ECBs as quarterly rewards and those printed, and I also received a $1.50 coupon off of Rolaids (where was this one when I needed it! :)).