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Friday, June 27, 2008

Walgreens Coupon REPOST + Some Tips!

Here it is => $5 off $20 Walgreens Coupon. This is only valid on Friday, but that is also a day in which the June and July ES Booklet overlaps!

Thanks Andrea at Mommy Snacks!


Here's one Deal Scenario from Money Saving Mom!

Buy 2 Dixie Ultra plates or bowls on sale for $3.79
Use in-ad B1G1 coupon to get one free
Spend $3.79 out of pocket
Get a coupon for $3 off the purchase of 2 Dixie Ultra products

Repeat the above deal using the $3/2 coupon in conjunction with the B1G1 store coupon and get two packages of plates for $0.40 each! Repeat as many times as you'd like until you are well stocked up on plates!


Here's the June and July Overlap Items! Thanks to Bethany at Centsible Shopper!
The following are deals that overlap between the June and July EasySaver periods. They are only good on Friday and Saturday, June 27 & 28. As always when using more than one IVC, YMMV.

Airwick Ultra Starter Kit: $5.99, use $4 printable coupon. Send in for $3 July EasySaver rebate. Total cost: $1 overage

Maalox chewables: $3.99; use $2 June IVC, $2 July IVC, and $2 manufacturer's coupon from the 6/1 newspaper insert. Total cost: $2 overage

Nutripals: $6.49, some clearanced to $4.79; use $1.50 June IVC, $2 July IVC, and $1 manufacturer's coupon from 4/13 newspaper insert. Total cost: $.29 or more

Hershey's bag candy: Use $1/2 June IVC; send in for July $5 rebate WYB $15. Total cost: will vary

Benefiber: $6.79; use $3 June IVC, $2 July IVC, and $2 manufacturer's coupon from 4/13, 5/18, or 6/22 newspaper insert. Total cost: $.21 overage

I don't know of any amazing deals with the following, but in case you're interested:

June IVC: $1/2
July IVC: $1/2
6/1 manufacturer's coupon: $.75/1

OFF Repellent
June IVC: $1
July IVC: $1
6/22 manufacturer's coupon: $.55/1

Cutter Repellent
June IVC: $1
July IVC: $1
6/15 manufacturer's coupon: $1/1

Raid 2 pack
June IVC: $1
July IVC: $1
6/15 manufacturer's coupon: $1.50/1

Duracell Coppertop
June IVC: $2
July IVC: $1
5/18 manufacturer's coupon: $.50-1.00/1

Energizer hearing aid batteries
June IVC: $2
July IVC: $2
Printable $2 manufacturer's coupon


kristal said...

thanks for including those of us who are not blessed to be in a region with CVS.
i was reading through my latest issue of "woman's day" last night and saw a quote from YOU! congratulations!!!

Manders said...

I love your blog.

We needed SipAhhas that before they only had, and now they don't. That changed my whole shopping trip.

I got:

2 Ragu's 3.34
2 Skippy's 6.00
1 Bertolli 5.99 (1.50 Q)
1 Lipton Green tea 2.50 (.50 Q)
2 Lunchables (2.99) got because no SipAhhas

Came to 23.81 - Q's = 21.81

Used 5 off 20 down to 16.81.

Printed off 5 RR.

Then got:

Graham Crackers 3.79
Marshmallows 1.39
Hershey's Chocolate Bars 2.50
Slip and Slide 14.99

Buy Graham Crackers and Chocolate get Marshmallows free.

Total 21.88
5 off 20
5 RR off any purchase from previous order
New total 11.88.

Slip and slide has $5 MIR as well which I already turned in.

I know this isn't the best, but I just started with Walgreens like this and I can't buy something that I can't use.

I can't wait until I can do this again.