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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Target Deals 6/15 - 6/21

I am part of BeCentsable's Grocery Gathering. Each week you can see the Target deals here (every Sunday night)! If you want to see other great deals at other grocery stores, be sure to check out the grocery gathering! (Click on the picture!)

Get your Target coupons here
Thanks to A Full Cup!

Also don't forget! Target coupons and Manufacturer's coupons can be "stacked." Meaning: you can use 1 Target coupon and 1 man. coupon for each item! = BIG SAVINGS!!! :)

In other GOOD news:

:: All of the summer seasonal items are on clearance for 50% off. This would include all of their summer plastic ware dishes, glasses, serving pieces etc. Even some of the patio furniture is on clearance.
(This "rumor" :) is thanks to Attention Target Shoppers! WOOT WOOT!! )

So Here's the Weekly DEAL-IO!!

There are several things on sale 10 for $10:
Lipton Sides (Rice or Noodles)
Rice a Roni & Pasta Roni
1 Liters of Lipton Green Tea
Chef Boyardee
Vitamin Water
Kelloggs Cereal (Single Serving Cups)
Little Debbie Snack Cakes
PRINTABLE $0.75/1 Little Debbie Muffins HERE
8 Packs of Hershey Candy
Market Pantry Pasta
Market Panty Pasta Sauce
Market Pantry Bread or Buns
French's Mustard
Gluden's Mustard
Banquet Frozen Dinners
Michelina's Frozen Dinners
PRINTABLE $1/5 coupon HERE

Archer Farms 20 Pack of Spring Water Bottles $4.50

Archer Farms Chips 3 for $7

Archer Farms Salty Snack Mixes 4 for $7

Archer Farms Trail Mix 2 for $5

Archer Farms Fruit and Oat Bars, Cheese Straws and select others 2 for $5

Archer Farms Italian Soda 2 for $4

Archer Farms Organic Milk (64 oz) 2 for $6

Fiber One and Smart Start Cereal 2 for $5
PRINTABLE $1/1 Fiber One Cereal from -
Final Price: $1.50

Market Pantry Cheese (8 oz. blocks or shredds) 4 for $7

Pamper's Big Boxes (152 - 88 ct.) $27.99
Buy 2 and get a $10 Target Card!
Use with $2/2 Pampers man. coupon
Use with $5 Target Coupon (must buy wipes too!) (Wipes are approx. $5.99)
Use with $3 Target Coupon
Use also with $5 Target Gift Card Coupon
Final Cost: approx. $35 for 2 big boxes of diapers + wipes - after gift cards
(Potential to earn $15 in Target Cards )

Purex, Snuggle, ALL, and Febreze Fabric Refresher $4
PRINTABLE $1/1 Purex naturals HERE
PRINTABLE $1/1 Purex Ultra concentrated HERE
Final Price: $3

Kibbles N Bits $7.99
PRINTABLE $4/1 coupon HERE
Final Price: $3.99

Purina One and Purina Dog Chow $16.99
PRINTABLE $4/1 Purina One coupon HERE
Stack with $2 Purina One Target coupon
Final Price: $10.99

Some On-Going Deals...

Joint Juice Single Beverages $1.09
Use $0.50/1 Target coupon
Stack with PRINTABLE $1/1 coupon HERE
Final Price: Free plus possible overage!

Lays Cheetos Cracker Trax 2/$6
$1/1 Lays Cracker Chips and Cracker Trax coupons in SS 5/18/08 $1/1 Target coupon Lays Cracker Crisps
Final Price $1 each

Clean and Clear (trial sized) - $0.97
PRINTABLE $2/1 coupon HERE
PRINTABLE $3/2 coupon
Final Price: Free plus possible overage after coupon

Shout wipes (Travel Size) $0.97
Use with $0.75/1 coupon
Final Price: $0.22

All Small and Mighty (Travel Size) $1.00
Use with $1/1 man. coupon or printable here
Final Price: FREE!

Bourdreaux's Butt Paste (Travel Size - 3 one use packs) $0.99
Use with $1/1 printable here
Final Price: Overage! -$0.01

Degree Deodorant (Travel Size) $0.99
Use with $1/1 Man. coupon
Final Price: Overage! -$0.01

Dove Deodorant (Travel Size) $0.99
Use with $0.75/1 coupon
Final Price: $0.24

GE Energy Smart bulb $5
Use with $2/1 Target coupon
Final Price: $3 each

Small (single pot?) bags of Target, Archer Farms Coffee is $0.99
Use with $1/1 Target Coupon
When you go through the check out line, the register automatically adjusts the coupon to $0.99
Final Price: FREE!!!
Thanks to Lisa at Cents to Save! :)

Morningstar Farms products - prices start at $2.64-$2.69
Use this $2/2 Target coupon
Stack with two $0.75/1 coupon from the 05/04 insert (Thanks, Mercedes!)

Scotch Fur Fighter Hair Remover Kit ($9.99 approx. - Thanks Lindsay!)
Use $4/1 Target coupon
Stack with $4/1 coupon here (Thanks, Heather!)
Final Price: $1.99

1 Bag of Goodlife Cat Food $4.89
Use $2/1 insert coupon and $2/1 Target coupon
Final Price: $0.89 cents
Thanks to Crazy Coupon Mom!

Lea & Perrins Worchestire Sauce is on sale for $1.79.
Use the $1/1 Target coupon.
Combine with the .55 /1 coupon from the Sunday paper insert.
Final price is $0.24
Thanks to More than Enough!

These are some great deals thanks to Money Saving Mom!

Schick Razors (trial sized) - $0.97
Use the $2/1 coupon from the 5/11 SmartSource insert
Free plus possible overage! (Thanks, Angie!)

Band-Aids - (SpongeBob, Miss Kitty, and a few others only) - $1
Use $1/1 from 05/18 inserts
Free after coupon (Thanks, Kristin!)

Johnson's Baby Shampoo (trial sized) - $0.89
Use $1/1 coupon here
Free after coupon (Thanks, Kristin!)

Johnson's Buddies Soap - $0.99
Use $1/1 coupon here
Free after coupon

Tylenol (trial sized) - $1
Use $1/1 coupon here
Free after coupon (Thanks, Kristin!)

Use the $1/1 Archer Farms Deli cheese coupon here and buy cheese in $1 amounts to get it free!
You'll need to figure out the weight which would make it $1. Based upon the typical price of $4.99-$6.99 a pound, you'd ask for anywhere from 0.15 pound to 0.20 pound. You can get multiple bags per visit (some stores have a limit of 3 to 5 of the same Target coupons per visit, though) and end up with lots of free cheese!

Now it's your turn to share the love! If you notice any other deals please let me know so I can "spread the good news!" :)
Leave a link if you post any different Target deals... OR share your clearance steals!!!


Audgirl said...

HELP!! I went to target today, armed with my coupons to get some free & very discounted items I need. The cashier accepted some but not all. For the Shout Wipes travel size, the Tylenol travel, I had coupons, they didn't say excludes travel, but when they scanned, it said "item not purchased" so the cashier didn't accept. Also, on the Morningstar, I had 8 items, 4 $2/2 Target and 8 manuf. coupons. They refused to accept the Manuf. coupons and only took the Target ones. (This was per the manager.)I left saving $9 less than I planned (and was also embarrassed by the "Coupon fraud" insuation that the cashier made in front of the crowd of people that gathered behind me. I am just trying to save $ as times are tight. Has anyone alse experienced this? Should I contact Target, or is it not worth it?

Denise Sawyer said...

I was rather embarrassed at Target once myself! I rarely get to Target since it is just too far away to justify going. However, I had a problem with the Target taking THEIR OWN COUPONS!!!

I would contact them if you had a bad experience...but that is just me. I wouldn't be rude but just calmly explain my experience. You never know what they might do if you are courteous!

I will be interested to hear if anyone else chimes in on this too!

The "Cent"sible Sawyer

Melanie said...

My local Target WOULD NOT accept "stacked" coupons!!!! I have never had a problem before yet yesterday FOUR different associates and managers told me that they could only take one of the other!!! What a horribly frustrating experience! I don't know what to do now as I love Target but am mighty furious at them!

Jessica said...

You are awesome!

Our closest Target is 1 hour away so we only shop there if we have some other reason to be in that vicinity. It just so happened that with birthdays and Father's Day we were close not once but twice. Both this weekend and last I went in with lots of coupons in hand and I loaded up on the deals. I got free Tylenol, toothpaste, butt paste, dental floss, deodorant, buddies soaps and more. I also was able to use the $5 gift card coupon, $5 Target coupon and $2 mannie together to get a heck of a deal on Pampers. I'm still kicking myself that I didn't send hubby through the line to do that deal again.

Thanks you so much from me and my entire family.

Leigh said...

Where do you find the joint juice? I have looked and looked :P

kelly said...

thanks-got my dipes tonight w/no glitches! woot!

MommaHarms said...

Ok, how do you get the $10 gift card when you buy two boxes of Pampers? I'm new to the site and not sure what I am missing. Also, how do you get the Pamper's manufacturer's coupon? We are expecting #2 in a couple of weeks and it's time to diaper shop! Thanks ladies!

Kamie said...

I'm wondering about the Pampers too, your able to stack the target coupons? I wasn't aware of that. Or is it as result of them being a g/c coupon?

Alexandra said...

Thanks! I went to Target today and was able to use all my coupons. I love free stuff; who doesn't?! :)

I saw one really good deal on a twin pack of Lemon Scrubbing Bubbles for $3.99. This is a great deal as they are usually on sale for no less than $2.50 a can. Walmart had them on sale today for two for $5.00.

NICKY said...



NICKY said...

Opps, its

jbubolz-miller said...

Audgirl- It will say item not purchased if the coupon is greater in value than the purchased item- say you have a 1.00 coupon and the price is 97 cents. I have had no issues in getting them to accept them. They just need to press an override button. If they still dont take them, you can always go up to customer service and give them your coupons there.

Gina said...

Whenever I have had trouble at the cashier, I just take the coupons over to the CS desk. They always just roll their eyes about the cashier and give me cash for the coupons. Usually the CS rep knows the policies better. It's worth a try!

Gina said...

Also, here's Target coupon policy:
It specifically says they will take one Target coupon and one Manu coupon per item, unless either coupons prohibits it (the coupon would have to say "do not use with other coupons" or something like that).

Alicia said...

I had trouble with the $1 coupons and the item costing $.97 as well. The manager came over and said that if the coupon was for more the the cost, they couldn't accept the coupon. The only free thing I was able to get was the ALL detergent (it was exactly $1). Also, to get your gift card for buying 2 cases of diapers, you just check out and they give you it. I try to check those items out first and pay. Then check out the rest and use the gift card, so I won't forget about using it later. Thanks for the ideas!

sati said...

I have talked to guest relations on numerous occassions about my Target. I suggest anyone having issues emails them about coupons. they will email you back with COMPANY POLICY which you can print and take to the store with you. they have a right to LIMIT but not refuse your coupons. you can always stack one for one and if they refuse. stand your ground. go to customer service and have them call guest relations RIGHT THEN AND THERE you can then pass the phone to the manager to get a brush up on coupon acceptance policy.