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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Deals From Awesome Readers! :)

I've gotten several Emails this weekend with deals that readers are sharing! AWESOME!
So, here I am passing on the savings to YOU! :)

Check your 7-11 stores and other gas stations for tear pads for a $20 gas rebate!
Here is how it works. Buy a minimum of $20 worth of gas and a 12pk or larger of Miller/Miller light cans or bottles on one receipt. Complete the origional coupon (no copies) and mail with receipt to address provied. Receive a check for $20. Not bad! This is good through July 31st and must be postmarked by 8/15

I would suggest you go inside for the beer and then when paying ask for a specific amount of gas over $20. Then pay with a credit card so the clerk with definatly have to give you a receipt and both items will be on the same recept.
Thanks to Lizzy!

It seems Miller wants everyone have an extra payday!!
They also have these mail in rebate forms at Publix if you buy $20 worth of Meat and the Miller Light you will get a $20 rebate!
Thanks to Jesabella at Addison's Super Frugal Mom!

Bud Light Wants in on the Action... Get Gas for your Grill!
I found another good tear pad....$10.00 via mail in rebate.
You have to exchange your empty propane tank for a full Blue Rhino tank or just buy anew tank AND also purchase Budweiser, Bud Light or Bud Select.
It all must be on the same receipt of course.
Thanks to Corrie Jeffords!

Saturday the 28th Old Navy's solid colored flip flops will be $1 each for adults and kids! Limit 5 pairs per customer. :)
Thanks to Tammy Scott!


Jesabella said...

Just FYI they also have these at Publix if you buy $20 worth of Meat and the Miller Light you will get $20 rebate

gradchica said...

note to VA residents--we don't have to buy the beer. The tearpad I got from Sheetz just says I have to buy $40 in gas to get $20 back!

ADDAmy said...

We do have have 7/11 or Publix! Waah esp since in NC we don't have to buy the beer. If anyone sees extras and NC is included on rebate I would love one.

Jesabella said...

Thanks for the mention!