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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Great Read!

My Good Cents posted a great article on how to make your own 100 calorie snacks! You the kind you can BUY at the store that are outrageously priced!!! Well, she talks about how she bags up her own "100 calorie" snack from the snacks she has at home! Great idea.

I have done something similar before. I bagged up a bunch of snack foods and put 'em in a basket for quick grabbing on the go. It saves a lot of time. But, I like her take on how to bag 'em up 100 calorie pack style!

Go Read Her Article HERE

Anybody else do something similar? For you...the kids?


My Good Cents said...

thanks for the mention :)

Jenny M said...

I do this with leftovers after supper. Instead of putting them all in one big container, I make a whole bunch of little containers so we can just grab them for a quick lunch or dinner the next day. I feel like it saves me so much time!

Amy Starr said...

I've been doing this for my daughter since soon after my son was born in Feb. That way, she can go to her snack basket and pick something, whenever I say it's snacktime - it works well also for grabbing on the way out to the car to run errand!

Thanks for your blog - I love reading it and putting your ideas into place!