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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sweet New Header by Sashwhy's Studio!

Have you noticed my new HEADER!?!?
Isn't it awesome?
It is by Sashwhy at Sashwhy's Studio & Handprints on the Wall (I'm an avid reader!)

If you like what you see...YOU CAN GET ONE TOO!
She has all kinds of cute headers you can choose from or she'll make you one custom!
But that is not all... she does lots of other graphic arts for your blog too. Check it out! Here are her prices:

Ready-Made-Headers - $25
Custom Headers - $75
Blog Makeover - $125
Buttons - $15
Menu Links - $25 (for 5 links)

She's a really awesome lady and mom! You can help her save for her kids' college fund! Be sure to check it out! (Here)


Sarah @ Fiddledeedee said...

I love the new look!!!

MARY-ANN said...

Love the New Header!!

brett and stacey said...

love the new header. it looks fabulous!