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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Don't Forget!!

Go score you some FREE CHEX MIX!

Don't forget Candace! I know you love this stuff as much as me! :)

Walgreens has it on sale for $0.99 each and use this coupon for $1.00 off!!
Print 'em HERE and HERE!


Niki said...




Candace said...

Thanks Denise,
Ha-has. I have to see how many coupons I can find. There were some General Mills coupons in the paper last this past weekend too. Weird, just a sheet of coupons! One of them was $1 off as well.
Walgreens is winning me over.

Lys said...

My Walgreens let me do it one day, then the next day the cashier asked the Manager and he said they won't push through a coupon like that any more (though he did do it then for me). Not sure why this is?

Purple Teacup said...

Denise- Thanks for your visit to my blog about a month ago. I am a bit behind on my email...=) You are my kind of girl! I am so missing my CVS deals......I'll have a cup of peach tea with you anytime.

Andrea said...

I looooove Chex Mix too! I got 6 bags and I'm gonna try to wrangle up some more coupons to get some more!!

Off topic here, but you mentioned in a comment over at my place that you didn't have the Tums Quick Pak rebate. I have an extra one if you want it! Just email me your addy and I'll send it out!!

Rose Atwater said...

My Walgreens wouldn't adjust the coupon. She called the manager and he/she said no, it's against their policy. So Chex mix for me!

Myssie said...

I tried this deal today at Walgreens and it wouldn't let me use my two coupons because the Chex Mix is on sale for .99 and my coupon was for $1 off. I asked if she could adjust my coupon and she said no because it was a photocopy manuf. coupon (I printed them from the two links that you listed). I told her that they were from the interent and that I didn't photocopy anything. I was very confused and ended up leaving without my Chex Mix. Walgreens is so confusing with their coupons! I think I am going to be sticking with CVS!

MARY-ANN said...

I was able to print 2 plus my Sunday paper(Massachusetts) had a one page coupon sheet and one of the coupons was $1/2 so I ended up getting 4bags for 96Cents!!

Amy Elizabeth said...

We could now get multiple coupons to work at my Walgreen's. Nor could we get it to work alone. Finally, after some experimenting and a curious cashier and manager we finally figured out you needed to ring one item (filler) in addition to the chex mix and coupon to make it work. I was buying other stuff anyhow and had 4 coupons so they just split it into 4 transactions making sure there was at least one item and onechex mix in each one. No problems, which is good because I have 2 more coupons so know I know how to avoid a hassle.

Amy Elizabeth said...

I meant "we could NOT get..." in my previous post.

Sienna said...

I would suggest buying this with the free Excedrin and then so your total isn't negative, add in some mailing envelopes ($3/1 right now).

lerinleigh said...

CVS has Chex Mix on sale for $1 next week. Great filler item!!

Denise Sawyer said...

Thanks for the tip!

I scored 2 free bags today! :)

The "Cent"sible Sawyer