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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another CVS Scenario!

Thanks to Faerie Mom for the Heads up on this one!

Here's a scenario that won't earn you ECB's but it WILL get you LOTS of cheap detergent!
(You may need more than one computer or a friend who'll print you some more coupons from their computer! :)

Buy 4 Arm and Hammer Detergents (BOGO) $5.99 each
Total: $23.96
Use the $4/$20 coupon
Use 4 $1/1 Arm and Hammer coupons here
Arm and Hammer is BOGO so ...-$11.98
Final Total: $3.98!!!

Don't have a $4/$20 coupon? That is fine! Your Total: $7.98 for 4 Detergents!


Oh the Frugality! said...

Great deal! Thanks for the heads up, however, I went to print this coupon and it told me I had printed it the number of allowed times, but I have not printed it at all!? Does it have something to do with the link?

mossfamily said...

Can you use a coupon on both if they are BOGO? I thought you were only allowed to use the coupon on the one that wasn't already "free." Maybe it is just my stores.....

Oh the Frugality! said...

About my previous comment... it must have been the link. I went to and signed up for their special offers, then I was able to print 2 coupons.

becky said...

so on the $4 coupon, do you just print off the same coupons multiple times?

GinaVA3 said...

I've always been able to use coupons on the free items in a BOGO deal. However, when there's an item on sale in the ad for BOGO, the second one rings up as $0.00, so I wouldn't be able to get to $20 to use the 4/20.

Still a deal at $7.98 for 4, especially when you pay with ECBs instead of real money.

Faerie Mom said...

I went back to CVS today and picke dup 8 more detergents, a gallon of bleach and some hamburger buns. My before tax total should have been over $50 and I tried to use my 10/50 cvs coupon.... it didn't work. I think she totalled me out before doing my coupons so it took the BOGOs off first... sigh. Watch out for this.

But, I spent 24.99 in ECBs and paid only 3.26 oop... and I have enough detergent to last me 6 months now! And I still have about 10 ECBs for next week. All in all a good deal...

Anonymous said...

How does one obtain the $4 off a purchase of $20 coupon?

Denise Sawyer said...

trishtheconqueror and becky,
You can obtain a $4/$20 coupon at

Sign up and they will email you a welcome email with a $4/$20 coupon.

Becky, I think they are assuming you will print it only once, use your judgement, it is your call!

Hope that helps!
The "Cent"sible Sawyer