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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Office Max: $2 Sharpies and McDonald's Free Breakfast

With this coupon you can get an entire (12 pc) set of Sharpie retractable markers for only $2 at Office Max (they usually retail for around $26). I use them at school to label the kids' stuff. Also they have a hundred uses at home too (one way I use them is to label freezer bags so I can remember what is in them later!). I don't have an Office Max close by; does anyone know if Office Depot accepts competitor coupons? * New Info * I went today to Office Depot and they took the coupon!!! (This deal is good until tomorrow - 3/1/08).

Also, McDonald's had free breakfast today - did anyone go? I heard about it at MoneySavingMom and then I saw it on a commercial on TV and this morning on the radio!! They are really getting the info out there!

Any way if you missed out, they are having it again tomorrow (Friday). If you purchase a medium or large beverage you can get a FREE Sausage McSkillet Burrito!


KatyShops said...

My Office Depot takes competitors coupons. Give it a try!

Jesabella said...

My husband went but they gave him a hard time abou tjust buying a sweet tea...Had to be a fountain drink. I guess they are more $$$

Chus said...

More information!:OfficeMax