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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Marathon Shoppin' Today

Today I went to CVS and got this make-up for $1.84 out of pocket (OOP). Yippee!! Plus I got a $10 ECB to spend next time.

AND that very next time was sooner than later. :)

I got all of this in my second transaction. I paid $13.54 and got back $15 ECB's!!!! Not bad! (oh yeah, an 8 pack of AA Energizer batteries is missing from the photo!)

**Side note: I'll never need to buy liquid dish soap (I now have 6 at home) or tampons again! HeHeHe!!

Next stop... Walgreen's!
I was a little frustrated because my register reward for $6 for the Gillette Fusion didn't print. :(
But, I did get all of this for $6.74 OOP. I also earned $5 in register rewards for the chapstick and the Sunsilk products. Not too bad.

The other bummer was that they were also out of the sugar they had on sale, the Tide that was on sale, and the Lysol toilet bowl cleaner. SOOO, I plan to stop at the other Walgreen's tomorrow and pick some of these items up with my $5 RR.

This is what I got at Walgreen's today.


Susang said...

I got paid to buy makeup!!
At Walgreen's yesterday I purchased 2 Jane mascaras ($4.99)that were buy one get one free, I used the $4 off coupon, 2-$2 off cpns from your link, I also had a reward from Walgreen's for $6 for Dove Body Wash($5.29) I also picked up 1 ajax cleaner (.79)
The checker called for a manager who said, "this is your lucky day" and handed me $2.16 cash!! And I got another $6 reward to use to purchase another Dove Body Wash. YES!!! I as surprised. I had put in the ajax to cover the overage-I did not expect the overage from the $6 reward for the Dove. SOOO---I'm going today and get another Dove and pick up some more free stuff! Thanks Denise for all your help.

~Karen~ said...

I can tell you why the $6 RR didn't print for the razor- it was the Phenom that was good for that deal, I know because I bought the wrong one (the same one you bought) today, the cashier helped me return it and then I bought the Phenom with a $4 off coupon, {so it was only 50 cents (tax)!} -I acutally bought two- in two separate transactions, so the RRs would print out! Hope that helps for next time! The razors do all look the same- next time be sure and do a double check! :) Happy savings! ~Karen~